clairvoyant and other random predictions

two possible drag names: Clare Voyant, Viagara Falls.    You’re welcome.

filed under “trade-offs”:  the santa ana winds are back and with them come headaches; bloody noses; dry, dry skin, but it will be beautifully clear with mild temperatures.

gimlet-eyed.  i’ve always enjoyed that adjective.  also, may i recommend the following cocktail:  a tequila gimlet.   use your favorite tequila, splash it with lime juice and here’s the secret to its perfection: add a dash of cointreau on top.  trust me, you’ll love it.   (a warning: if you’re not careful you’ll slip off your bar stool without the slightest provocation should you over indulge.)

many years ago, i had a friend who considered himself clairvoyant.  always with the “you’ll see, he’ll come around,” or “wear a scarf, it’s going to turn cold this afternoon,” (based on how his thumb felt, or some other body part felt, who can remember anymore?)  all i know is that whenever he predicted the future, there was no arguing with him about his forecast.   now i think he may have had the best return on wish fulfillment of anyone i ever knew.


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