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spring flowers (cyclamen, daisies, and patience)

what do i know about spring? (did you know that many cyclamen species in their native range–the mediterranean basin–are severely depleted and endangered because of the horticultural trade? nor did i. that makes my two little pots of pink cyclamen that much more precious.) but, spring, yes, what do i know about spring?


when i was younger and living in the north, i know spring was highly anticipated. a break in the cold, gray, drabness of winter, just the hint of water running as the ice and snow melted on a warm day in march. (march is tricky up north, it’s end is the beginning of spring, but also the end of winter. your chances for comfort or disappointment equally elusive), but you take what you’re given.


as i grew older and fled the plains for the chicago lakefront, spring took on a whole new meaning for me. it offered hope, or at least a modicum of aspiration, growth, renewal. of course, that came in fits and starts, much like spring weather. dry and cold, wet and warm, snow up to your ankles accompanied by that faint green aura that surrounds deciduous trees as they leaf out, a little darker green each day, hour, minute, second, pushing out as the snow and cold recede, a time-lapse photograph.


but spring in the southwest is an entirely different experience. it happens suddenly and without warning. plants are blooming, new growth is sprouting on the trees and the shrubs. if you did your homework, the roses are beginning to leaf out fully and some may even have little tiny buds, the first rose to bloom since late last year just a few weeks away. i find that i can wait.


patience, now, a surprise gift of spring and growing older.


purple vs. violet (place your bets here)

i tend to be more like the french pourpre.


you have no idea what you’re talking about.


i’m lavender.


oh shut up, you boys are dullards.  i am the true purple.


it’s for you (ocean-speak)

nothing tells today’s story better than the two images i am sharing with you.


am i blue (or was i gay until today?)

it’s what i was thinking about.

and when you’re feeling camp, you should just roll with it.


summer ale (and other mishaps)

happenstance.  chance. 6 mb. summer ale.

flipped from one branch to the other.  shrug your shoulders. green blue green blue green.

tone poems.  so ‘6os.  hippies and indian cotton.  madras without the plaid.  saturated.

what the fuck.  (sorry, it should be wtf.)  or not.  caring, compassionate, concerned, bullshit.  magenta.  brick red.

a mixture of feminine and masculine.  gender denier.  muscle.  sin.  sinew. syncopated.  and on and on and on.

my hand in yours.  flesh touching flesh.  the spark, a thorn, a sip of summer ale and the fog rolls in.


the movement of air experienced by trees





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