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it’s for you (ocean-speak)

nothing tells today’s story better than the two images i am sharing with you.


if you listen closely, you can hear the color


i cannot begin to tell you how pink it is today at our house.


acid gr[qu]een (you have a funny way of showing it)

acid queen–tina turner (aside: saw tina when she was making her comeback tour “private dancer” in chicago at the park west theater on armitage in 198_. had a table in the front row with a group of friends, got showered with sweat from her and her sax player who was also smokin’ hot. best ever concert.)

acid green is one of those colors that i find particularly inspiring. it just kicks you in the ass and screams, “get the hell out there and do something!”

ran into a bridge railing riding my bike one sunny afternoon in moorhead, minnesota, after a kegger in a park down by the red river during my sophomore year at good ole msu. there may have been other contributing factors to my accident. didn’t hurt myself, but the front wheel of my bike was bent to shit. (lots of swearing in this post, but acid — green, queen, or otherwise — does that to a person.)


yellow, pink, blue over you

we talked about having children,

but assigning colors by gender confused us, so we didn’t. (the reasons we didn’t are more complex than that and are, frankly, none of your business, but the whole “pink is for girls”, “blue is for boys”, and “yellow is for ‘we don’t care as long as the baby is healthy'” tropes — or have they slid into the cliché category? idk — continue to disturb us, at least when we think about it, which isn’t that often & in the case of this post is what first came to mind as i looked at the photographs displayed here.)

we do continue to think about having had children, having made that decision years ago when we were younger–and every-now-and-then, a little pang of regret may catch at our side–somewhere near our kidneys–and a wistful sigh may escape our lips when we see the joy they bring to our friends who have children — grown or otherwise — but we know we made the right decision for us and as a result we can look at pink, blue, and yellow without the slightest thought of gender assignment.


your pinkness

isn’t it time that pink lost its gender specificity?

whose idea was that anyway? what makes pink feminine except that someone said it was and it got embedded into the cultural weave? (yes, it may have taken a few years, but in a few years it could be undone, could it not?)

you may think i’m on my high horse again about something that, realistically speaking, cannot be undone easily, the culture wars being what they are these days (or any day for that matter, for truly, what hetero man could/would let his son wear pink?)  oh, the day may come when a man can wear a pink oxford button-down shirt with the appropriate tie–not a bow-tie, of course, because that is suspect as well, indicating academe or the artistically-inclined–god forbid, but before then what’s the beef with pink, men?


your tuesday morning wake-up call (synesthesia)

is the sound from these colors keeping you awake?

what do they smell like? have you ever felt anything as soft? it’s okay if you need a few minutes to gather your wits about you (that phrase has always brought to my mind a victorian woman gathering her children to her skirt).


summer ale (and other mishaps)

happenstance.  chance. 6 mb. summer ale.

flipped from one branch to the other.  shrug your shoulders. green blue green blue green.

tone poems.  so ‘6os.  hippies and indian cotton.  madras without the plaid.  saturated.

what the fuck.  (sorry, it should be wtf.)  or not.  caring, compassionate, concerned, bullshit.  magenta.  brick red.

a mixture of feminine and masculine.  gender denier.  muscle.  sin.  sinew. syncopated.  and on and on and on.

my hand in yours.  flesh touching flesh.  the spark, a thorn, a sip of summer ale and the fog rolls in.



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