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the rose and the cloud, a vanishing act

we used to be headliners.


but then the recession hit.


and now, we’re lucky to book a week in peoria in the off season.



last night ~ this morning

last night, the sun sat on the shoulders of the canyon ridge across from us and set it on fire.

this morning, the flames licked up the clouds on the other side of the my world.


treetops and clouds (i have no time for you)

as much as i may want to

wander among the treetops

and clouds today, i must remain with my feet firmly planted on the ground beneath me, focused on the tasks that lay ahead. (oh, alright, i may allow myself the occasional peak upward, but only as a cleansing tool.)


an arrangement of grey without black (not a portrait of my mother)

no whistling, please.

i did not imagine that it would be so this many years later. that little pang (pain) of jealousy at the happiness of others; the one i tamp down and do what i can to ignore, but it sits there, quietly, insistent though (or perhaps persistent) in spite of my best efforts to ignore it.

for many reasons it is not an entirely unpleasant sensation for it conjures the past out of time, place, and circumstance, each instance photographic (and delphic.) but it is that little flicker of “what if” that is the most difficult for me to ignore. i do not want to build my own fantasy out of the happiness of others; it would just be a facade of the truth and i do what i can to not live my life that way.

have you walked inside a cloud? not the fog, but a cloud floating in the sky, not your imagining of a heavenly cloud dotted with angels and godheads, harps (as silly as that may seem) and frolicking pets (a rainbow bridge), but the greys of not-knowing, indecision, frustration, and fear. there is not much comfort in being lost in a cloud; it only looks beautiful from the distance of you standing on the earth (spinning east to west), the clouds moving in time-lapse formation, thrilling and alive, youtube-prescient, easy like that.

but inside of that cloud there would be no moment of peace, you unable to fix your bearings, mark your spot, giving up for lost the grip you felt you had on your life, free-falling. that is the sadness that accompanies my jealousy.


the effects of cloud computing on my sanity


having your “head in the clouds” is not such a bad thing; a lot can be accomplished when you do put it up there (or down or around or however you get to your own cloud. do remember to stay out of other people’s clouds, it’s only polite), but then they come along and make cloud computing a thing and it really takes the wind out of your sails cloud and suddenly there’s all this extraneous stuff just floating around out there…little 1s & 0s all a-jumble and who, in their right mind (or wrong mind, for that matter) can make any sense of it any longer, conceptually or otherwise, i ask you? [otherwise known as things i said to take up digital space and call it my own. –ed.]


clouds over the ocean (a challenge)


how often can you write about the clouds, the sunrise, the canyon, the bluffs, the palms, the pacific ocean?  when do you think  you’ve said, you’ve written, you’ve photographed these same things enough?

you’re not expecting me to answer those questions, are you?

aren’t these photographs enough proof for you that there is no limit to the variations, the subtleties, the grand gestures nature provides us each and every day?  do you not see beauty everyday?

i challenge you to prove me wrong.  tell me of the day you did not encounter one beautiful thing, moment, animal, word, thought, deed, action, heartbeat, kiss, look.


a tree considers its existence

yesterday, there was a tree that reached for the sky, playfully scratching at the underbelly of the clouds.

the sun refused to cooperate, drawing the clouds closer to its face and dropping into the western sea.

the tree shrugged its indifference and turned away as if it had never happened.



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