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revisionist history of the local landscape 2


a brief history of john baldessari

see also: baldessari, baldessari, and baldessari (not necessarily in that order.)


untitled (the history of roses)

“history is a myth that men agree to believe.” –napoleon bonaparte



untitled (past perfection)

if you ignore history, are you doomed to repeat it?  is your past catching up with you? are you unhappy with what just took place in the kitchen? if so, you may be suffering from past perfection even though when you look back at your history all you see is imperfection. this may cause some tension in your life as you try to overcome the circumstances that have landed you in the spot you now find yourself  (with your favorite coffee mug in pieces around your feet.) you may even find the need to express your past perfection with an epithet. may i recommend “shit skippy”? “fuck” may be substituted as well should you have had the broken coffee mug for more than 3 decades without ever so much as a chip occurring. [do exercise some caution when picking up the pieces of your past perfection. although cleaning up after yourself is considered an important attribute and necessary social skill(take heed if you are looking for a spouse/mate/partner), you may consider weeping inconsolably over the loss–of your favorite coffee mug–before bending down to gather up the shards of your past, imperfections notwithstanding.]


how to tell time

a second ripples across the face of the clock, washing away the one before it and unconscious of the one behind it; there is no history in a second.

each one similar to the last, but the aggregate belies their indifference to your life at the moment (a heart beat).

time means one thing to you and something entirely different to me.  on one side it is seafoam, on the other it is sky blue.

why does time march?  what is keeping time?  have you ever known anyone who could stop it?  or capture it?  any attempt to market time is a fool’s mission.  do you remember that time we ____?

time is rampant, it crests (the ebb and flow of time), it is sky blue, it is sea foam, it is terra cotta, it is the sun, it is a palm (and the palm of your hand), it is man-made, it is perfect and it is naturally unpredictable and chaotic.   it is your memory of a day spent with friends.  it is the morning you left the house without an umbrella.  it is rain and it is the desert wind.  it is a rock and it is you.



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