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the snail and the leaf, a parable

nothing happened. the snail made its way slowly across the sidewalk, ignoring the leaf i had placed in its way, and leaving behind it its silvery trail of slime. there are times in the late afternoon when the sun is just so in the sky that the sidewalks shimmer with snail’s trails, beautiful silvery ribbons of goo with little breaks every few inches where the snail has pulled up and off the sidewalk in order to move itself forward. at night they congregate in a mosh pit of snail love, all one upon the other; if you’re very still you can hear henry rollins and black flag just before he throws himself shirtless off the stage into the arms of his raving fans [although that may be my memory of seeing them perform at the mud club in chicago in 198_, but whatever. –author]


camellia alley

most of the year, when you walk down camellia alley, all you notice is how deeply green the leaves are (a rich, luxurious green) & then, sometime in february, a flash of color, perhaps white, catches your eye as you traverse the narrow sidewalk, head down (it twists here & turns there & you may be carrying a dachshund, or some other bundle–perhaps the trash held in front of you–it’s a narrow passageway with stucco on one side & painted brick on the other,) but with enough room between each structure (house & retaining wall) to host a dozen or so camellia bushes.

the sun shines here for just a few minutes each day, the alley situated as it is between the west side of steep hill & the east side of house (when i hold my arms out my fingertips nearly touch the opposing sides,) & if you’re lucky enough to pass through camellia alley when the sun, dappled & warm, picks out the blooms, & if you’re paying attention, then a little bit of magic happens.

even the hottest colors have a coolness to them, which the heat of the sun does nothing to dispel, but only enhances their chilling beauty (so ravishing & seductive.)

they call out to you, clear bell-like tones, promising love & devotion.  will you collapse into their charm?



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