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what now? (now that you’ve left me & wherein the author explores the dynamics of the subatomic molecules & those pesky quarks that make up matter, mass & midnight)

there is no difference between night and day.  of course that’s not true.  but i imagine it could be debated (with pro & con — one young man with acne in a short sleeved white shirt & clip-on tie [striped] & his opponent, a young girl with flawless skin & long blond hair & one snaggle tooth — with their 3 x 5 cards crammed with facts, charts & figures supporting their positions.)  wait.  that may have happened.  not that i’m saying it was me, either pro or con.  the fluidity of my consciousness demands that i prevaricate (varicose and the other ‘vari’ words now come to mind, such as variegated, as in that beautiful iris in the north garden that has yet to bloom, but whose spiky leaves are the most brilliant yellow and soft, soft green.)

i am loathe.  that is all.  (certainly not loathsome, although i’m sure there is someone out there, perhaps from my past or my future that may agree or disagree or find my very being, my matter loathsome indeed.  what can i say?  to each his own, “chacun a son goute,” that’s life, right?  you can’t be all things to all people, just as night and day are not different from each other, only to the people experiencing them.)

one can accept the lack of differences or not, but i am loathe to carry on with this obviously losing argument.   implacable.  (again with the words, you know, the ‘plac’ words, that harsh ‘cuh’ sound a slamming door — your lover in a huff over a supposed jape, alleged dig at, impugning his/her/their [the author does not want to be gender-specific so that anyone reading this can relate. –ed.] lily-white character, a madonna, my sainted lover. )

you would not expect either pro or con to actually win this debate, this argument, this folie à deux.   for it is a shared experience, night & day, day & night, is it not?  sharing this psychosis as we do, how could there be differences, one might ask oneself, if one were so inclined.  or even if it were two that were so inclined.   or, for christ’s sake, if a room full of stephen hawkings were so inclined to make the argument in favor of one or the other (night & day.)

neither pro or con will be happy with a draw.  what now?




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