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getty center, 3 (this is the part where i lagged behind my companions because i was dumb-struck by the pleasure of the gardens and every which way i turned presented a vista of unrivaled beauty)

the garden has two sides, both of which have an ‘english’ feel to them, a little wilder, a little less ‘french’ (see the azalea maze), plants rub up against each other and even in the winter months there are little surprises–delicate blooms at your feet and above your head.

DSC08097all you have to do is slow down, take a moment to enjoy the panorama, and breath. don’t forget to breath.

DSC08098as you can see, when you take a breath, the most exquisite of blossoms comes into view.

DSC08099(yes, you’re right, i’m going to drag this whole getty thing out for a few more days…) [ellipsises were free today]




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