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The Photo Box

I’m “self-publishing” my memoir, “The Photo Box”, in the PAGES section of this blog. Chapters are being added serially, usually twice a week. Take a look-see at what’s happening as I explore my past and that of my family.

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horizontal vs. vertical

when i took these pictures of the sky last night, they registered as vertical images on the camera and when they were downloaded this morning, i contemplated leaving them as vertical images.  But after some back & forth, this way & that way, up & down, flipped vertically & flipped horizontally, i settled on horizontal (turned counter-clockwise).

why, you might ask, all the mishegas about the way the sky is positioned when it’s obvious to even the dimmest wit that the sky cares not a whit?  swirling, circling, stationary, flat or arched, the heavens (not in the religious sense) just are what they are.  and imposing my aesthetic (design sense-less) on it is like, like, well, it is senseless.

regardless, whenever i look up into the night sky it always reminds me of childhood dreams (and some adult dreams, too) and the lazy days and nights of summers past.   the cricket of cicadas and the fairy nature of lightening bugs and the scratchy feel of freshly-mown grass on the back of your shorts-clad legs as you lay looking up at the stars and clouds and the movement of the trees along the fence line that shadow a part of your memory.

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