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Billy Blue Eye, a Good-bye

I found you online, a “tweenie” dachshund with one blue eye and one brown.  A few days later, we met in front of the Ralph Lauren outlet store in Carlsbad, you on a string leash, no collar, walking two humans, anxious to let you go. You and Joey didn’t seem to mind each other and so I said, “I’ll take him,” and the string leash was handed to me. We walked, and you, well-trained dog that you were, stepped to my left and stayed there while Joey, still being trained, pulled and jerked his leach, his “must smell everything” at full operating mode. You didn’t seem to care.


Until we got in the car. Then there was a minor dispute about who would occupy the front seat and who the rear. You claimed the front as if it was rightfully yours, and this time, Joey didn’t seem to mind. No growling, no snapping, just as it always was between the two of you, brothers in spirit if not in breed.


Billy Blue Eye, little Billy two-shoes, Billy of the Wild Niguel, always available to be petted and admired, loved and stroked. The softest of fur as if you  were put on this earth just to be petted. And so everyone you met automatically reached out to touch you, even in your last days, carried in my arms, friends and strangers would stretch out their arms and wiggle their fingers behind your ears, stroke your snout, kiss you.

A couple of years in, you popped a disc and had to have back surgery. You never complained. A year after that, another disc popped and you had a second surgery and suddenly you were our “$9000 free dog”. What was to be done, though? We loved you and you loved us back.


You loved to go for walks almost as much as you liked to curl up by the back door in the late afternoon sunshine for a siesta. You and Joey were inseparable. We traveled together; up the coast a couple of times to stay in Carmel and no matter where we went you were the star attraction.

There’s so much more, after all we spent almost 16 years together, but this last year, your 20th, was rough and today was the roughest. We had to say goodbye. But you had one last little surprise for us, didn’t you? Driving down the freeway this afternoon, after our last good-bye, Michael said, “look, a rainbow!” And sure enough, there you were, one last doggie kiss in red, orange, blue, green, and violet.




dachshund and random thoughts on _____ & ______ & possibly ______

billy refuses to hold still for a portrait photo. if, on the off chance that he has held a ‘pose’ long enough for me to take his photo, his tongue is usually caught snaking out of his mouth licking his lips in a “i am the devil” kind-of-way, spoiling any semblance of innocence. so today, i’ve found a dachshund who will mind me long enough to take a few snapshots.

DSC02897i’ve been thinking about music a lot lately (partly because i remembered the other day that my new car has a cd player and i’ve been indulging in many of my favorite artists), but what has been rattling around in my brain is why certain singers/songwriters have such a hold over me and for such a long time. i am not a writer on music, but i feel that when we’re young, say late teens–early twenties, contemporary music imprints itself on us and that’s about it for the rest of our lives. it’s not that we don’t appreciate and listen to the music of the day (okay, let’s skip the ‘9os), but our favorites from those impressionable years remain forever the soundtrack of our life. we never tire of hearing them. is that true of your listening habits?

DSC02898are there any artists who aren’t manic-depressive, bipolar, neurotic? is that a prerequisite to becoming a great artist (in all of the arts)? name some who weren’t please.

DSC02899“some of the images in this report may be tough to watch,” are the words tv reporters use instead of “you won’t believe this shit.”


this little piggy went to [virtual] market

billy blue eye pottery & paintings is hosting an online market today. usually you would find them at the long beach antique market on this, the third sunday of the month, but the weather has gotten in the way, so instead, billy blue eye will be offering 20th century art pottery from van briggle, weller, roseville, and mccoy today at their website. check it out, there are many beautiful pots, bowls, planters, and vases to be had today (special online discounts, too!)



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