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flowers (and rhetorical questions)

what  becomes of the broken-hearted?


how can we be lovers if we can’t be friends?


where is the love?


how do i live without you?


what’s love got to do with it?


how can you mend a broken heart?


wouldn’t it be nice?


who do you think you are?


who’s zoomin’ who?



Just Published! A Photo for Your Wallet

Exciting news! A chapter, “A Photo for Your Wallet”, from my memoir-in-progress, “The Photo Box” has been published online by Bull Men’s Fiction and is currently headlining their home page. Click here to read it!



well, you would be too

“Aneal loved the ocean, daffodils, the color blue, Frank Sinatra, the L.A. Dodgers, the USC Trojan football team, her family and God.”

Pantone blues

I read the obituaries, what can I say? This one, though, in today’s paper really resonated with me, especially the list of things the decedent loved. It made me think that I’d liked to be remembered for loving a color so much that my friends and family felt compelled to include it in my obituary–should there ever be such a thing. Not that I won’t die, but that there’ll be an obituary. I’ve written about this topic before, you can read that here. It stumped me this morning, “blue” being such a big word, encompassing so many different blues–and so many shades of meaning, but then I decided that their love of blue was qualified by their first love–the ocean, and suddenly that included all of the blues, the hundreds of blues, the blue of a sun-filled sky, and the deep marine blue of the Mariana Trench, the sea-foam blue of a frothy afternoon walk along the beach, and the blue of midnight in the garden, the blue of wisteria and delphinium, blueberry and plum, the blue moon and l’heure bleue, the blue of a vein running on the back of an elder’s hand, the blue of a Dutch tile, lapis lazuli, turquoise, and Tiffany. Even in the best of circumstances, there will always be a tinge of melancholy attached to blue especially in song; “Am I Blue”, “Blue Velvet”, and “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?” Doesn’t that qualify your love of blue then after all? A less happy life, perhaps, but more honest than another. You know, true blue.


chelsea station magazine (published)

a chapter, “sic gloria transit [jason]”, from my memoir, “evelyn & son, ltd.” has been published in today’s chelsea station magazine. click through to read. as a bonus, the art illustrating the piece was created by yours truly in 1980 — contemporary to the story.

"allegory of fortune" by dosso dossi--image courtesy the getty center

“allegory of fortune” by dosso dossi–image courtesy the getty center


having a coke with you — a pause for a frank o’hara moment

having a coke with you


this is now a morning blog (as if it weren’t already)

it’s a habit, what can i say?

0826130648 1a photo and a few words (sometimes even more than just a few if i’m feeling verbose–a feeling i have to work up to, you know.) there’s a little reality mixed in with a little fantasy, truth and falsehoods (to protect the innocent and the chimera i’ve built around my own character.) there will always be parentheses because that’s how i think (and communicate–ask anyone.) in the meantime, the sun came up in the east (as it does), the clouds lay in the sky like torn silk and the palms gossiped among themselves.


the ocean (and processes)

do you have a process?

DSC06095what about a creative fetish? does your chair have to face east and your pencil laptop’s corners meet coordinates that were the ones mentioned in pynchon’s ‘v’? (fuck if i know if coordinates were mentioned in pynchon’s ‘v’, profanity being what it is these days.)

i have a process. it’s pretty much been the same since my late teens. i call it the stew pot of creativity. there’s an idea and then there’s nothing. so the idea gets put in the pot and the pot is put on the stove with the flame set on simmer. i walk away from it. when i think of it again, i sit down and it comes out. sometimes it’s a delicious meal (so say i) and sometimes i have to struggle with the spices and other ingredients to get it to be just so; you should know there are times when i must throw the whole thing into the garbage and take it up to the trash bins and start the whole process over again. what about you?

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