good-bye, deer, will i see you again?

it’s been with me all day long. just the briefest moment, eye contact with a dead deer at the side of the 73 tollway as it crosses over laguna canyon. police cars with lights flashing, two civilian cars pulled to the side of the road. but all i saw was you, deer.

1025131814i felt you with me today. i’d turn a corner in the gallery and there you’d be. i’d look up in the bathroom mirror and there you’d be. i was typing a press release and there you were in the letters on the page. it was uncanny how you laid next to me in my office, quiet and cold.

1025131816and then tonight, the sunset made your soul come to me as i walked joey around the block. i believe you had a soul. i believe another deer, even more than one, are missing you tonight, wondering why you didn’t come back.

1025131817and there you were outlined in the setting sun, running away from me, just a silhouette in the gloaming, the cold ocean wind blowing up the canyon, its whistle your passing sigh.


1 Response to “good-bye, deer, will i see you again?”

  1. October 26, 2013 at 9:02 pm

    OK! This brought a tear to my eye. It’s always a little disturbing to see a dead animal on the side of the road. Though you created a beautiful story out of this event. Thanks for sharing!

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