narcissus, in his own words

writing from meme, greece: narcissus here. i guess you could blame me, should you need a scapegoat for your self-admiration and masturbatory fantasies. i was the first to hold a mirror up to my beauty and snap a selfie (or gpoy as it was known in pre-history–just a year ago.)

DSC07196what did you expect though in the face of such beauty? of course, the delivery system you’ve developed since my first glimpse of myself in the still pool of memory has certainly changed the playing field at olympus. if it weren’t for a few wise souls who began sharing my story around the evening fire, where we would be? were it only a lesson to be learned by the self-indulgent, that would be one thing, but now, when you’ve got the world at your finger-tips, you can sate your need for admiration in an instagram.

DSC07197today, while ironing the sheets and thinking of degas, i caught my reflection in the mirrored doors and had to pause to catch my breath at the beauty that stood before me.  you too? and i realized i had to quickly capture the moment and share it on my multiple social media platforms (wordpress, tumblr, facebook, twitter, and the like) so my adoring fans would be able to revel in my handsome punim and ❤ me, really ❤ me.

DSC07198of course, you’ll be kind and reblog and retweet and share on FB with all of your friends and acquaintances (especially that cute boy who’s a chef–you know who i mean–and the handsome bearded man, don’t forget to send him my way, too). the best part, is you know i’ll always be with you if not in body, then en spiritu reddit. 


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