the driveway and dreams of dexter

it’s not that we’re devotees of the show.DSC06559in fact, we came to it late, a couple of seasons ago, but if you watch it, you’ll know it doesn’t require much in the way of deep understanding–the plots are not that complicated nor are the relationships. so, you might ask yourself, what’s the attraction? (as i did.)

but that’s not what this is about (or maybe it is.) i dreamed last night of a dystopian society controlled by voices (having recently read an article on schizophrenia in the new yorker). a herding is taking place and citizens are fooled into thinking that a reward for their compliance is guaranteed, when in fact it is just the opposite. there were executions and suicides, revelations and denials, children separated from their parents, lovers torn asunder (have you not always wanted to write that phrase?). william shatner may have played a role in it. the colors were grays, browns, blacks, and whites. the scent was toxic and decaying. the music screeched and screamed. it felt like a wet felt bag with the weight of a decapitated human head in it.

it’s hard for me to understand what prompted this. contemporary society, mass murderers, anxiety, exhaustion, perhaps all of it or none of it. it is hard to shake the sadness that is the residue of the dream.


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