hi, my name is billy (no photographs, please)

you don’t know me. (and i like it that way.)

DSC06029try as he might to photograph me and my brother, joey (see below, the little rat trying to sneak out of the room), our human companion is never very successful. we are very private individuals and we treasure our internet anonymity.

DSC06033every time he pulls out that little silver-colored thing-a-ma-bob, we hightail it or ignore him or refuse to look at him. it’s just best that way.

DSC06031we’ve learned that if you keep moving, the images are blurry or part of our faces are out of the frame of the photograph. that suits us.

DSC06034sometimes, if i feel like it, i’ll give him some profile op, like throwing him a bone it is. (fucking yoda.)

DSC06030what is this ‘caturday’ thing i’ve heard about? what? a day set aside for humans to post photos of their cats on the internet? cats–can’t trust ’em. always with the ulterior motive, the furtive move, the sly je ne sais quoi.

this interview is over. move it or i’ll pull a sean penn on you.


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