the spring garden, saturday (and fungibility)

does this bee have fungibility?


are bees fungible because of their sheer numbers? (and would this fungibility apply to ants, say, or a female zebra in a herd of female zebras?)


okay, i know i can’t trade my partner of 30 years for another one on the shelf at the supermarket — even though i may want to on occasion — the substitute or my partner may object to this exchange — but a bee, an ant, a female zebra among 100s of zebras — how fungible are they?

all of this because the words fungible and fungibility have always intrigued me, not just for their meaning, but even more importantly — to me at least — because of their sound — ‘fun’ with a soft ‘g’ at the end + ‘bull’ just doesn’t seem to mean what it does by the way it sounds. ‘liability’ sounds like what it means, for instance, as does ‘ability’, but fungibility (or fungible) should just mean something else in my book (and not any book on a shelf, or a stack of the same book–no, it won’t be that easily replaced, will it?)

p.s. this post is fungible.


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