let’s talk about the p***s and the film “weekend”

whatever happened to the p***s?

mixed media drawing after a photography of john pruitt by jim french for colt studios

mixed media drawing after a photograph of john pruitt by jim french for colt studios

from classical greek times through the renaissance the small, thin, delicately foreskinned penis reigned supreme in the visual arts (when it was depicted at all or hadn’t been covered up with hastily configured fig leaves and draping.) the big, the exceptional, or for that matter, the ordinary penis was considered vulgar. go figure.

“weekend”, however,  was more of a phallus–BTW, did you know that the word “phallus” refers to a large erect penis and not just an ordinary flaccid penis? i didn’t until today, but now that i do i plan on using it more often, like a spice you grow fond of and find uses for even though it’s not suited for fowl or cauliflower.

“weekend” is about two young gay men who meet on a friday evening and by sunday morning have, well, i won’t spoil it for you, but regardless of the outcome of their meeting, the film director, andrew haigh, has devised a bergman-like film (those close-ups of the actors talking to each other face to face in bed after sex reminded me of liv ullman and joseph erlandson in bergman’s “scenes from a marriage”) that explores the relationship of gay men operating in a straight world.

it was one of the first gay-themed movies that i’ve seen recently that felt true. true about character, relationships, gay life, the anxieties of gay men caused by navigating their emotional lives in a world that does not acknowledge their feelings as valid and worthy of public display.

it got me to thinking about gay marriage — a topic that i think about a lot, partly because the hopeless romantic in me thinks it’s an awesome commitment and partly because i abhor the thought of the loss of our gay culture as we slowly sink into that bubbling pool of assimilation.

what i don’t think will be drug behind the acceptance of gay marriage is the acceptance of gays and lesbians expressing their love in public. i expect it will be quite a while before that becomes mainstream–if it ever does. this was a topic in the film and it really made me realize how uptight i am about public displays of affection between my partner and myself, even after 30 years together. although i will confess that at this age i care less about what other people think about our holding hands or kissing each other, a peck on the cheek, and with age a certain amount of freedom from convention is not unexpected in the he’s-a-crazy-old-coot kind-of-way. you know.

anyway, all of this blather about p***ses and the movie is an endorsement of the film…rent it, watch it, and discuss it. you can thank me later.


1 Response to “let’s talk about the p***s and the film “weekend””

  1. March 3, 2013 at 8:53 pm

    I found the film on Netflix last fall and was hooked. It is so real some of the scenes felt like documentary. Thanks for the posting and the phallus clarification.

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