my simulacrum (anairam)

i copied a card with an image of a mixed media work on paper by carlo maria mariana. my interpretation is also mixed media: tissue paper, copy paper, graphite (blackwing 602), staples, and craypas.

after mariani--867

mariana need not worry about me eclipsing his talent. my visceral reaction to his untitled work is to me more important — and more valid as a work of art — than my attempt to copy a copy.

you may argue that the emotions provoked by a work of art are not a work of art in and of themselves, but i believe you may be wrong. your reaction to an artist’s work is not only a result of viewing the work, but is also the beginning of a conversation with the work and the artist, a result of their creation and a continuation of their creation.

copying a copy or appropriation of an image (see duchamp) and the dialogue it creates is new every time someone looks at it. my simulacrum is its own work, separate from mariana’s.

this topic has endless possibilities in not only visual arts, but also in literature, and in ‘real’ life. and for now, i am content to present my version of events. a mirror held up to mariana anairam.


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