the porcelain bowl (not that one), headaches, and safe topics

we’re experiencing a ‘wind event’, the euphemism coined for the santa ana winds that blow offshore, drying everything out, matchbook dry, quick to fire, setting everyone on edge. i know no one who doesn’t suffer (some are just more vocal.)


the effect these events have on me (did you notice i left off the quote marks around event?) vary in intensity, but always include teary eyes, a runny nose, sore throat, and a lowgrade frontal lobe headache. the kind of headache that resides just behind and above your eyes and radiates up through your forehead and down to your cerebral cortex in waves, not unlike what you may envision as your own aurora borealis, just without the beauty and wonder, although the colors are there–putrid greens, suffocating purples, screechy peaches.

it’s debilitating. typing this is a chore and although i’ve dropped a couple of ibuprofen down my throat in the hopes of some relief, i can expect to carry this headache with me for most of the day. it’ll come and go, i’ll forget about it when i get involved in work, but if i stop for any moment to catch my breath (such as you can on a day like this), there it’ll be again, rapping my knuckles with its dry, scratchy ruler just to remind me who’s in charge.


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