look! look there! no, not there, there!

you’ve been there; standing with a friend/lover/relative (you choose) looking out over a vista and they say, “look! did you see that?” and they’re pointing to the left/right/straight ahead/up/down.


and of course, you have no idea what they’re looking at, because they’re stunned/incapable of coherent speech/taunting you and then they say, “no, not there, there! can’t you see it now?” by now you’re thinking to yourself, wtf, and so you say, “oh that. that’s awesome, honey/sis/bro/dude/mom/dad/liebchen,” hoping that it will all end. (btw, that’s my house, there.)


it isn’t always a vista. sometimes you’re right upon a thing and they’ll (them again) say, “omg, i’ve never seen one of those before.” you bite, of course, and reply, “see what?”


and they’re pointing, “there, right there.” and all you want to do is walk down the sidewalk turn left and go a little further to your front door, enter your home and shut the door. (with or without them.)


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