isn’t that how you see it?

when you consider the amount of visual information you process each day you’d be hard pressed not to admit that in replaying it much of it is a blur with only periodic clarity.


you turn on your editor and pluck out what was of interest or of import to you at one point in your day, zoom in and focus, consider, crop, saturate (or desaturate), color balance, write a caption, edit the caption to fit your truth (or fiction); at this point you may decide to share it with your ‘friends’ (your public life) which then requires you to categorize it based on predetermined (often random) headings that you shoehorn this photo or that one into with the sole purpose of allowing SEO access to your published work (don’t forget the tags) and then you click ‘publish’ and put your life–and your brain, ability, talent–or your lack thereof, because admit it, not everything you do is a gem or even worthy of your consideration let alone that of the rest of the world–you are interested in world domination, arent’ you?–because i am.  and that’s the truth (i strive to be honest with you, to the best of my ability and mood.)


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