reflections: self-portrait and el camino (& how i cleaned out the ‘drafts’)

i’ve spent the week cleaning out my “drafts” here at robert patrick. posts that for whatever reason have not seen the light of day — or at least your day, obviously they’ve seen my day, but i’ve taken the photos and the text and let them languish in the “drafts” pile. Sometimes the text has taken on a life of its own with some other imagery and made it to the published blog and other times, it has not (and rightly so–it could have been written better or it was something i decided not to share with you, one must have one’s secrets, mustn’t one, after all.)

it’s also possible that i lost interest in the photos, because it is a bit of a photographic vomitorium here at robert patrick and after a while, even though i’ve loaded up the drafts with my favorites, times change, moods change, aesthetic decisions are made or those that have been made are forgotten or displaced by more acute decisions regarding the merit of one image over another. it may also be that i have just grown weary and forgotten them.

whatever, here they languish, until this week when i’ve published them (or not, some did manage to find their way into the ether of the internet through the precise use of the ‘delete’ button, a surgeon wielding his blade.)


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