white azalea (a meditation on visualization)

obviously there’s not enough of either going on in the world today (meditation or visualization), let alone in my little corner of it (which is all i can really be responsible for, right?) can you really be the change you want to see or is that just one more platitude to make you feel better about yourself and how you conduct your life? self-examination being what it is today–if there were more, we wouldn’t be subjected to the kardashians, the real housewives of ______, hoarders or end-of-the-world preppers, now would we?

but who has the time? used to be i could take a few minutes on the bus ride downtown or the subway car on the way home to gather my thoughts for the day or the evening–to see what i wanted either of those times to look like, and what i saw happened often enough to make me a believer. but in today’s world with so much distraction beeping and ringing and singing and yelling at you, plus all of the time you spend in the car, when will you find the time to actualize the solitude required to clear your mind and see the change?

i am not a conspiracy nut, but it does seem like today’s world conspires against reflection; talking heads, social media (facebook, twitter, google +, plaxo, linkedin, tumblr, wordpress, typepad, myspace–tee hee–, stumbleupon, pinterest, technorati, newsfeeds, readers, rss, omg), smartphones — if they’re so smart, shouldn’t they be able to give you a break from it all?–the pets, the children, your in-laws or out-laws, the neighbors, the homeowner’s association, schools, and then there’s the charities at every corner, on every radio / tv, hands-out — the homeless (and then the media pouncing on one person who does a good deed and all of us getting that warm fuzzy feeling instead of getting out there and doing likewise for your fellow man–it makes me want to swear.)

in the time it’s taken me to write this rant i could have shut my eyes and sat still for awhile and pulled my thoughts together for the day, opened them and gone on my way, without giving you a thought.


2 Responses to “white azalea (a meditation on visualization)”

  1. December 3, 2012 at 3:34 am

    Although ‘turn on’ has been rather discredited, there is something to Timothy Leary’s other advice, that is, to ‘tune in’ and ‘drop out’, if one makes the time to tune in to one’s inner self and by dropping out of our plugged-in culture for as little as ten minutes. How can one get what they want if one cannot clearly visualize or articulate it? I believe that taking the time to communicate deeply with ourselves is crucial to our well being. That said, there is no reason that writing a blog entry cannot be a mindful experience, is there?

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