currently (sunday chores–of a sort)

the cymbidium season is beginning early this year  (see below.)

yesterday when i watered the orchid garden (the outdoor one–today we did the interior orchids), i was surprised by how many bloom shoots were beginning to appear as their ‘season’ usually begins in late december and early january and lasts into june.

in other news, keeping house (is housewifery too misogynistic?) this week while m. recuperates from knee surgery has been daunting. my hands are dry and cracked from all of the time they’ve spent in dishwater (i loathe the dishwasher–and it loathes me.) my back hurts from lifting dogs and lovers (“dogs and lovers” — a discarded title from d.h. lawrence…) from the bed to the floor, from the couch to a standing position, from the chair to the floor and back up again — the dogs are too old to jump any longer, but have refused to give up their favorite lookout posts, high ground always the preferred location for their morning, afternoon, and evening naps; it’s not as if they’re actually watch dogs. although their ability to tell time is uncanny. 6 a.m. first walk, followed by breakfast (theirs, not mine, but m. does have his cereal after they’ve eaten, which i’ve been tray serving with bib everyday this past week as he lounges in bed with his knee elevated and ice-packed), then nap; at 11 a.m. they begin their anticipatory water-drinking in advance of their next walk which must occur no later than 11:30 a.m., after which the humans have lunch, the dogs nap again, m. lays down (this week) again and by 3 p.m. joey — the terrier — is up again and asking to be lifted down from wherever he had been napping (yes, he does ask, nicely at first, but if you ignore him, he becomes a bit more insistent)–and we’re out the door for his longer walk (billy, too old and cantankerous for anything longer than a tw0-block perambulation these days eschews the longer walk, unless of course we utilize the doggy buggy in which case he then rides along like queen victoria reviewing the royal scots, if he could wave he would.) and we’re back and ready for their late afternoon repast (rinse and repeat.)

but you know, it’s good to be needed and i’ll take whatever need comes my way.


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