palms and clouds (sprained knees, wind events, and when i was a blond)

i read recently that to truly remember a moment from your life you had to be able to recall three things you saw, you touched, you smelled,  you heard, and you tasted.

what a bunch of poppycock, bilge, dung, baloney, bullshit, horsefeathers, hooey (a personal favorite), taradiddle, tommyrot, and flapdoodle.

was my first reaction to that statement about memory, but then i’ve let it stew for a few days, selecting a variety of memories and testing them. surprisingly, the ones that are the most vivid are the ones that are filled with memories from all five senses. you don’t have to taste something, for instance, to have a ‘taste’ in your mouth from the experience. you don’t have to touch everything to know what some things may have felt like.

and then i started thinking about how all of those sensory memories stack up into an experience, each adjective a sculptor’s hand kneading and shaping, adding and removing your emotions about the moment, your perceptions and your memory of events shifting and settling into a work of three-dimensional art.

in other news, m. sprained his knee and is hobbling around on crutches, we’re experiencing a ‘santa ana’ wind event (it’s what passes for ‘weather’ in southern california), and there was a time when i was blond.


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