fruit bowl, felix baumgartner and “dem ol’ transubstantiation blues”

faith is hard to shake, isn’t it?

there’s not much you can do without it, regardless of your religious inclinations. you have to believe in something, just as felix baumgartner had faith in his ability to free fall to earth from space and survive to tell about it. (was it not remarkable how he just walked his landing as if strolling down the sidewalk without a care in the world? i think i heard him whistle, “oh, what a beautiful day” as he tipped his hat to old Mrs. Perkins, the mayor’s widow.)

i’m not a skeptic. faith is important, however you choose to wield it–for it does have a power that may be used for good or for ill, like the misguided faith of the holy, for instance. (i pick on organized religion because it’s a bully, all of them. that “i’m right, you’re wrong” morality makes me want to shake some sense into them, at least metaphorically. otherwise i want nothing to do with it.)

do you watch the “long island medium”? she gives me faith. not because she’s able to communicate with the dead, but because she accepts her gift of faith without prejudice. that’s remarkable. it’s an ability we could all work toward achieving in our own lives. she is one with her faith, she believes deeply that the dead come to her. who are we to disagree?  when tmz finally reveals that it’s all a sham, my faith in her will remain unsullied. it’s a faith that has hurt no one and it appears that it has soothed the anguish of the living.

if you had faith in me that i would somehow tie the fruit bowl to felix baumgartner and transubstantiation, i’m afraid you may be disappointed. the ‘f, b’ alliteration caught my eye this morning while last night i dreamed about transubstantiation (which requires a whole lot of faith), so it seemed only logical that i should put it all together just for you.


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