notes on a day off

in about three years i’ve managed to use up just over a gigabyte of available memory allowed by wordpress for this blog; that is approx. 1/3 of what’s available to me. consequently this blog will expire in december of 2018 based on the data available at this time. (i know you were dying to know that as in “will this never end?” he/she wailed.)

i dropped in on the internets this morning for about 3 minutes; did not find it to my liking, so i left. 12 hours later i’m back (still unsure.)

the volvo died. well, not actually ‘died’, but it needs repairs and i’ve decided to find a new (new-to-me) car. know what i want (prius), tedious finding the right one at the right mileage/year/price/color–i’ve been warned that m. will not ride in a “white” car. sigh.

took the dogs to the vet for a maintenance check-up. oh joy. billy pooped on the exam table. joey shed so much i was covered in white fur (no outfit is complete without dog hair.) but it appears they’ve got a few more years left.

while at the vet: man with german shepherd “i’m crazy you know. certifiable. but i’ve managed to get it under control, even my doctor says so. had a drug problem for many years and i worry that i have early onset alzheimer’s, in fact just today i couldn’t remember the name of someone i only met once and that just reinforced my fears that i am losing my mind. <vet tech calls his name to come into exam room> have a great day!”


napped. did not dream of work (too much). took the dogs for a long afternoon walk (billy in stroller–thanks c.!–he loves it.)

drinking ‘octoberfest’ sam adams and typing…


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