begonia (be gone ye)

“do you think the world is spinning out of control?” asked the begonia.

“you know, what with the shootings in movie theaters, temples of worship, a street full of pedestrians, indelicate political discourse, wars, famine, pestilence, syria, pakistan, evangelicals (“our morals are better than yours”), the lack of compassion for our fellow flowers man — whether immigrant (like you’re not), gay, a person of color (you know, “driving while black”–but not just behind a wheel, it’s your entire life), a woman (don’t let men tell you what you can or cannot do, ladies, it is a historically indefensible position) — the list is too long, and were i to be completely honest with you, i do have my own agenda; my season is short and soon i must return to my dormant state, laying eyes closed with infrequent waterings, and wait, wait, wait for you people to come to your senses. but i fear that may be folly. <sigh>”


2 Responses to “begonia (be gone ye)”

  1. August 25, 2012 at 8:57 am

    Feels like the end of days, sometimes. It’s a good time to be a begonia.

    (No, it’s actually a good time to agitate for social justice, gun control, peace in the Middle East and Palestinian autonomy, to vote, to take a stand. Except for the threats of habitat loss and global climate change, being a flower is just too easy a way out.)

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