different sides of the same street (notes on gore vidal & chick-fil-a)

i know, but i’m short on time today and must conflate topics that would normally demand their own time and space.

i will not miss gore vidal. i admire gore vidal’s writing, but i never felt a connection to him as i do with other writers and intellectuals. his, and i quote many of today’s obituaries, punditry was entertaining and there’s no denying his intelligent, wry, and acerbic observations on the body politic (i thought i’d be able to cover more ground with the phrase, body politic, and still be able to describe the scope of his passions — and whatever caught his fancy.) it may be that i’ll never understand his solipsism — no matter how hard i try — or his palimpsest* tendencies, although those, the revisionist aspect, the fiction of the truth, is probably closer to my own understanding of the past than i am likely to admit (oops! too late.) but i will not miss him when i read him again, which i will do, i will not think to myself as i read an essay he wrote on ________ or ________, “oh, i wish he were here to comment on ______ and _______’s latest ______.” no, that won’t happen. gore in peace, vidal.

my advice on chick-fil-a: ignore them, and definitely boycott them, but do it quietly and intently without fuss or bother. we will not change their minds by picketing the local franchise (or whatever they are) by holding kiss-ins and same-sex-hand-holding-ins (wringing, more likely). no, the way to make them go away, is to ignore them and move onto the things that matter most to us. stop keeping them in the news, for as they say, “there is no such thing as bad publicity.” c’est tout.

*only because lillian hellman had used “pentimento” already (or so i like to believe.)


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