palms (1)

what activity in your day (or night) would you be willing to give up in order to have more ‘time’ to do what you think needs to be done?

that long, possibly unidentified (you’ll know it when you see it, like pornography) list of things you’d like to do, if only you had more time.

if only i had more time, i’d read all of the blog posts i subscribe to and comment on them.

if only i had more time,  i would have refinished the wooden patio furniture that is in desperate need of sanding and staining.

if only i had more time, there would be no rogue grass growing in the east garden flower beds. (a note: a few years ago, in a moment of what i thought was brilliant forethought, i spread wood mulch all over the east garden. the following year, grass — not lawn grass, but clumpy-weedy grass — carpeted the garden, growing up between the day lilies, by the thorny bottom branches of the roses, around the sharp edges of the succulents, between the rocky borders, every-fucking-where. since then, it has become the bane of my gardening existence. if only i had more time.)

if only i had more time, i would have more money. as we all know, the less time you have, the less money you have. the wealthy have all the time in the world, why even one of the mitford sisters said that she refrained from using an airmail stamp (remember those?) because it indicated she was in a rush, which someone of her wealth and social standing would never, ever be. that’s left to us poor schmucks, rushing around, always in a hurry, because we don’t have enough time.

if only i had more time, i wouldn’t have to stop writing this post to get ready for ____, because you know, if only i had more time, i could finish everything i started.


2 Responses to “palms (1)”

  1. July 25, 2012 at 7:18 am

    I was going to tell you….Oops! Sorry! Gotta run!

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