all roads lead to rome

aren’t we all empire builders?

1. it was eerily still this morning, the fog close, but without the dampness, like pushing the blanket down from your chin in the morning as you start to wake in those moments before the alarm rings.

2. shit does not happen in “threes” or any other numerical combination. it happens when it happens and poor us, we try to make sense of it all by assigning some kind of reason to it, an excuse really, a prayer that it will have been the third, the final shitty thing to happen, when any rational person (are there any?) would tell you that more shit was on its way.

3. the mealy bugs have come to visit the indoor orchids and m. is in a fit of pique. (i use ‘fit of pique’ even though it does not adequately describe his mood upon the discovery of said mealy bugs, but only because there is rarely enough opportunity to use the phrase, “fit of pique,” a phrase i have come to love for its sound and its prissy nature, pursed lips, and disapproving tone.)

4. billy had diarrhea yesterday, but is better today. shit happens (see section 2 above.)

5.  where do your roads lead?


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