or else

get the meetme app or else…

five teeny weeny planes flying in formation, expelling (and spelling) an advertisement for some whatever app (like we need to be more connected…what happened to chance? you know, the chance meeting of friends at the local watering hole, or over coffee at the corner diner or maybe not at all, until later, say tomorrow?) are you so unsure of yourself by yourself that you must let every person you know, know where you are? (this is where i would normally insert a pejorative, an exclamation using the name of the son of god or the like, but i’ve sworn — pardon the pun — off saying ‘jesus’ for the day. everyone needs a break once-in-a-while, like a palate cleanser.)

but i digress from what i really wanted to comment on was “or else…”, what parents say to their children, “clean up your room, or else…”. after hearing that “or else” for maybe the hundredth time, you probably realized that it meant nothing, just like excessive praise is a lie, because even you know that that last drawing was shit. (hey, i said i was laying off saying ‘jesus’, not a word about all of the other fine swear words at my disposal.)

it’s not my intent to make light of the use of threats by parents as i cannot speak for you or you or you, but for me (and it is my name at the top of the page after all), the threat of “or else” was often tempered by the tone of delivery and that is truly what we read as children and what we use to gauge the severity of the “or  else…”. more often than not, the “or else” i heard had the same shelf life as the “or else…” spelled (expelled) by the teeny weeny planes flying over the southern california coast threatening beachgoers and outdoor mall-walkers and parents with their children in strollers, or the surfers off salt creek beach; it just evaporated into the blue of the afternoon sky.


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