purple bishop’s hat (not its name)

but that is what i call it.

neither of us remember its name and both of us are too lazy to look it up (perhaps, caring less could be taken into consideration, but not for long for who wants to waste their time in this manner?)

of course, we can’t spend all of our time thinking the ‘big’ thoughts, divining the celestial or even contemplating our navels (have you not always loved ‘navel-gazing’? perhaps not the act, but the phrase and the visual are enough to entertain me for, well, for seconds as they should you. i said it so it must be true.)

“i am entertained by the thought that these thoughts have been hooked onto a couple of photographs in a non-sequitur-kind-of-way and whether you are or not does not concern me,” he said lying. (is writing in the third person about yourself a sign of mental instability? if he’s lucky it is.)


2 Responses to “purple bishop’s hat (not its name)”

  1. June 15, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    Platycodon, aka balloon flower. A type of campanula. Nice shots!

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