untitled or how the belladonna lily persuaded me to do nothing

there are times when doing nothing is the right course of action. for instance, when someone is yelling at you for whatever reason, it is the wise choice of many alternatives (such as slapping them, walking away from them, or humming; humming is always good “la-la-la-la-la”) to stand there and do nothing. that is bound to aggravate them further. there is some pleasure in that. (you doubt me? try it.)

“nothing,” is always an appropriate response to the question, “whacha doin’?” truly, who wants to hear what you’re thinking as you sit there doin’ nothin’? no one. save us all the eye roll as you explain the theory of relativity as pertains to the los angeles kings winning the stanley cup. no one cares, trust me.

i would expand upon this theme, but i have things to do (as happens when you’re doing nothing).


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