yellow, pink, blue over you

we talked about having children,

but assigning colors by gender confused us, so we didn’t. (the reasons we didn’t are more complex than that and are, frankly, none of your business, but the whole “pink is for girls”, “blue is for boys”, and “yellow is for ‘we don’t care as long as the baby is healthy'” tropes — or have they slid into the cliché category? idk — continue to disturb us, at least when we think about it, which isn’t that often & in the case of this post is what first came to mind as i looked at the photographs displayed here.)

we do continue to think about having had children, having made that decision years ago when we were younger–and every-now-and-then, a little pang of regret may catch at our side–somewhere near our kidneys–and a wistful sigh may escape our lips when we see the joy they bring to our friends who have children — grown or otherwise — but we know we made the right decision for us and as a result we can look at pink, blue, and yellow without the slightest thought of gender assignment.


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