let’s all be silly

when was the last time you were truly silly?why is it called ‘horseplay’? do horses make fun of each other?  when do we give up on being silly? i know i was goofy into my 30s and that i may have skipped being silly during my 40s (not that i wasn’t still stupid sometimes). today i can say that my silliness takes on different forms, although the devil does get in me occasionally and i just have to let him out (i’m never sure what form he’ll take when he does appear, keeping everyone who knows and loves me on their toes, it does.)

is ‘goofing off’ being silly? i definitely know that ‘putzing around’ is not being silly (thank you s.h. for setting me straight on the use of putz in polite society circa 1988…it must’ve been the part of “the joys of yiddish” by leo rosten that i skipped.)

how ’bout ‘cracking wise’? are you breaking being wise in two? seems to me that you’d just be doubly smart then, because surely two wise[asses] are better than one, right?

is there photographic evidence of your silliness exhibiting itself? perhaps you’ve posted it online (or your bff/frenemy did), regardless are you positive that your ‘profile’ is silly-free?

is pretentiousness being silly, but for grown-ups? idk. although it does make me laugh. (of course, wielding pretentiousness is a delicate exercise, best reserved for dowager queens and madwomen (of chaillot).  oops, that’s not too twee is it? you know, referencing girardoux’s 1943 play in a post about silliness?

if i told you i was sitting here right now with a pair of underwear (clean) on my head as a beret, would you believe me? that would be silly, right? i’m also making gopher teeth faces at the screen simultaneously while i’m typing–you should try it, it takes some of the pressure of adulthood off your shoulders for just the briefest of moments.  but that would be silly, wouldn’t it?


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