mustangs (notes on wild things)

i drove a lot today, where i went is unimportant, but i observed two vintage mustang moments:

1. a woman, possibly in her 30s, with a straight page boy blond do, oversized aviator sunglasses, black camisole top, was driving a red ‘65 mustang convertible. stopped at a red light in the middle lane, a red mercedes sl 500 pulls up along side of her on the left,with a perfectly coiffed blond (it is socal, after all) at the wheel. they look at each other, the light changes, and i swear to god, the mustang popped the clutch and squealed out in a major ‘fuck you’ to ms. mercedes. i wish i knew the woman in the mustang, definitely my kind of woman.

2. on the 405 heading south to orange county, cruising at about 75 mph, and i turn to look to the right of me and there’s another ‘65 mustang, hard-top this time, silver blue, with four of the cutest boys in it, windows rolled down, long hair flying, laughing, passenger side guy turned to look at the two in the back seat (a note on the back seat of a ‘65 mustang: they had to be touching each other, it’s a tight fit), but no mind, these straight boys were rockin’. made me smile.


2 Responses to “mustangs (notes on wild things)”

  1. April 17, 2012 at 4:21 am

    Beautiful shots, I love how you manage to get so much detail in each photo. 🙂 ♥

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