garden path (inventory)

reclaimed pavers, pea gravel, stones collected from our travels as well as dug up from the garden beds themselves lining the edges to a height of 6″ +/- depending upon the size of the stones and the stamina of m. who laid them down, 20 varieties of succulents (okay, maybe 15, but still), yucca, birds of paradise, castor plants, several variety of bromeliads, honeysuckle (one yellow and white, the other pink and white), two azaleas (one pink, the other fuschia), red shower grass, broad leaf philodendron, ivy, ferns that grow like weeds, 13 rose bushes (pink, yellow, red, several bi-colored–mais oui–, white, salmon–5 are climbers, 2 are tea, and the rest are floribunda), bearded irises in yellow/white and purple and one variegated iris with purple blossoms, lion’s mane (orange) and lilies–day (yellow and orange ones), and night (white like moonlight), naked ladies (amaryllis belladonna), agapantha (plain and variegated), orange/yellow hibiscus, pink, red, white oleander, a stone bench overlooking the canyon (the edge of which is lined by towering pine trees of at least 3 varieties, the consequence of which is pine cones scattered throughout the garden), pink ivy geraniums along the v-ditch, a 12″ high by 10″ wide pine tree stump in the middle of the succulent garden, spider plant, a white privacy fence, numerous geckos, bees, ants, earthworms, butterflies (in season), opussums, coyotes, the occasional mountain lion, white tail deer, field mice, rabbits and homo sapiens, the sound of a water fountain, the rush of the wind coming up the canyon, rubber tires on the road bed, a car horn, morning, noon, afternoon, evening sunlight, moonlight (full, wax, wane), sodium vapor lights at night, the howl of coyotes, the barking of dogs, a conversation between swimmers at the poolhouse across the canyon carried to your ears on the wind, the sound of a spade pushed into the dirt, sweat on your brow, your sunglasses slipping down your nose, a finger pricked by a thorn, dirt under your fingernails, a sore back from bending, thighs straining from squatting and then standing, knees pebbled with gravel from kneeling and weeding, standing and leaning on the handle of the rake surveying your domain.


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