opportunity (the american way)

a couple of our neighbors have lost their homes to the banks. bad things happen to good people, right? (conversely, it’s been my experience that rarely do bad things happen to bad people. i can only hope that karma will even things out eventually.) one neighbor has moved and someone has bought their house and is doing interior remodeling. no one has met the owner and the worker doing the clean-up/remodel will nod and smile, but otherwise keeps to himself. we’re assuming the new owner plans to flip the property.

the other neighbor is still in their home, but the bank has been working hard to sell it with open houses and private showings. when i’ve seen strangers in our cul-de-sac i smile at them, but all i think is, “how can you build your happiness on someone else’s misfortune?”

there’s one hymn i remember from childhood and to paraphrase the chorus, “don’t build your house on shifting sand”. perhaps i’m too emotionally invested. granted, there are great opportunities to own a home out there these days and it’s possible, if the roles were reversed, that i might be interested in buying a foreclosed property, but when i see other people contemplating it, it gives me pause. <sigh>

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