untitled (subjunctive, a fiction)


i asked that you leave, but you ignored me, rightfully, as there was no cause that a reasonable person would understand for my demand. you were always like that. reasonable, that is. it would infuriate me, your steady plodding rightness. what happened to being wrong? when did the adventure of being wrong escape from your grasp of the dynamics of living? i like being wrong, making a false move, speaking before thinking, being dramatic at inappropriate moments (remember that time i threw a hissy fit in the middle of _______ when you told me that you loved me no longer? you just stood there while i spluttered and raged, spit invective and bawled like a three-year-old denied their favorite __________, which only made me more hysterical. how could you be so cold-blooded, so perfectly unperturbed?) i asked that you leave and finally you did, another of my mistakes i’ll eventually regret, but now, for now, right now i am looking for someone else just like you, so that i may continue to be wrong, my stubbornness a refusal to change, to adapt, to accept the inevitability of people like you.


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