your wednesday morning wake-up call (lost & found*)

this is day-old news, but unlike bread, it has retained its freshness; yesterday evening  a graffito expressed him/her-self by utilizing a brilliant red spray paint on the exterior wall of our community’s clubhouse (designed by Edward Fickett). one must understand that this kind of ‘urban’ art rarely, if ever, finds its way onto the walls of a community like the one in which we live.

from an artistic point-of-view, one can feel the anger emanating from this painting–with its rich, blood red contrasting with the virginal paleness of the stone wall.  in some ways, you can appreciate the sentiment expressed, particularly if you’ve ever lived in an association (don’t try to weasel out of this one, you know i speak the truth.)

but in the land of boobs, blonds, and botox, this graffiti has caused quite the uproar–aided by the fact that the management company failed to have it painted over upon its discovery (but that, thankfully, allowed me the opportunity to photograph it and share with you.)

however, this morning, the sun came up and as you can see, its ‘graffiti’ by far trumps that of such an amateur as our very own rembrandt (although i will give them points for the execution of the hand–not an easy appendage to draw properly, is it?)

*with apologies to john donne.


2 Responses to “your wednesday morning wake-up call (lost & found*)”

  1. February 22, 2012 at 8:42 am

    Well, that certainly shows the difference between San Francisco and southern California, or at least certain parts of the latter. Seeing such work on the side of the building is part of the daily routine here. I am always conflicted between annoyance and occasional amusement when a bit of cleverness is displayed. Provided it’s not on my building.

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