isn’t it funny?


isn’t it funny when we use “funny” instead of “odd” or “weird”?  are you chuckling when a unusual coincidence (can an coincidence be anything other than unusual?) occurs and you say, “that’s funny, i thought x would have happened instead of y.”?   does “funny” make it easier to accept the “odd” or the “weird”?

you would not be surprised to note that i had a “funny” dream last night.  it was the dream that preceded waking, which i’ve found are often the most disturbing dreams.  that is if i’m having disturbing dreams then.   (you know what’s odd?  helen’s beauty is not mentioned once in the “iliad.”  that’s not funny, but it does seem odd, does it not?)  which is not always the case; having disturbing dreams just before waking.

but when the dream i’m having is disturbing just before waking, it does seem “funny” in that shocking “if i call it funny maybe it won’t be quite so much of an odd/weird/freak me out/shuddering-with-fear-kind-of-dream.

but then you realize it’s only language that you’re using to dissipate your anxiety, the anxiety produced by the odd, the unusual, the weird, the other-worldly–let’s say it was a dream about vampires starring colin firth; okay, it’s a bit of wish-fulfillment, but still, it was a dream filled with friends and acquaintances dying in the valiant revolution being waged against the blood-suckers–and even with all of that going on, language was not quite enough to dispel its weirdness, its oddness, its anxiety.  it’s just not funny.


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