this week (a review)

sunrise or sunset? either or, it perfectly represents the week behind me where everything is a bit of a blur.  sure, there are stand out moments, but those are mostly the activities that are habitual and not happenstance.  there’s work, of course, and not that i often talk about it, but it has been particularly hectic, what with the opening of ___ _____ _____ __________ and the upcoming gala for the _____ _____ ______ ___ _________ the following weekend; if time were a funnel (which it is, is it not?) then you’ve probably noticed how the last bits of it to go through are all of the details, minutiae, last-minute changes (big and small) and you standing there wondering how all of it will get done on time.  if you’re anything like me, you start to prioritize, shedding unnecessary in favor of absolutely-must-happen, editing and pruning, letting go of the so-so ideas in favor of those which are outstanding, divine, marvelous and other superlatives. your mental check-list soon becomes your written check-list, tick/tick/ticking off each and every little thing.  what have i forgotten?  on your way to and suddenly you remember you must; you backtrack and start over, finish what had come into your mind on the way to other things and yes, yes, yes, it was this that i was finishing and not that and you’re back in the groove (you may stop here for a piece of chocolate or a long drink of water–please refresh yourself, i do.) if anyone asks you, you tell them that popping sound they hear is your head exploding–how could there be room left for one more thing and of course, one more thing comes along and you find the room for it next to the ______ and in between _____ and _____ (damn it).  somehow, somewhere you find the strength to soldier on, for that’s it, isn’t it? you’re a soldier (BTW, did you know there’s controversy over one space or two after a period? seems two spaces were utilized with the use of typewriters and their spacing issues–every letter received the same amount of space–and with digital keyboards that does not hold true, each letter is afforded it’s appropriate spacing and consequently you only need one space after a period and not two any longer. i’m trying it, what do you think?) but yes, where were we? or actually, where was i? the royal/editorial we such a contrivance, best left for the aesthetes, no? but back to it, the only end in sight is if i were to

and walk away. (one space, not two.)

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