thorns (remembering the past)

there is a period of my life that i’m trying to reconstruct that isn’t as clear to me as other parts of my life have been.  there is a general feeling that i can remember, but the details are shrouded in a fog of forgetfulness.  it isn’t a long period of time, just four weeks and one day, and bracketed as it is by deep despair and complete elation, you’d think that it would reveal itself, but no.  i may resort to embellishment of the general feelings, knowing as i do my modus operandi during that period of my life, and perhaps that will provide the truth of the emotions from that time if not the actual day-to-day facts.


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  1. January 1, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    Robert, as I hear your struggle with the retrieval or reconstruction of this period of time I am deeply touched…for I have the same dilemma with some very specific periods of my life- all related to the loss of a Loved-One. Some of those periods were so very intense, that I seem to have experienced an emotional black-out. It’s as if my mind and Spirit intervened, in Love, to protect me, so that I was able to be present for that person, and many of my Loved-Ones, to ” Get Through ” such a traumatic experience…otherwise, I would have been rendered a blubbering mess. Believe me, the blubbering, sobbing, breathtaking sorrow hit later- sometimes like an unexpected tsunami- yet it seemed to wait until I was somewhat prepared and equipped to deal with it, having committed to join a professionally facilitated Grief Group that I attended for two full years. Some of the details have been revealed, and others remain shrouded in what You refer to as ” embellishment of general feelings. ” Perhaps that’s all I am able to deal with, for now. Regardless, this piece truly hit home, and I’m with You in the realization that although I felt only a tinge of pain when the thorn penetrated my skin, I look, and see that there is blood running down my hand.

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