“x”mas marks the spot

at least the dining table looks like christmas even if the rest of the house does not; what with the cards we’ve received in a bowl (the ceramic sleigh we usually bring out for that purpose still stored away), gift wrap, tissue paper, ribbons, half-wrapped boxes, re-gifting as necessary (btw, got my christmas present early this year, $715.00 car repair, thank you swedish-asian auto service!), greeting cards in their boxes awaiting addressing and note-writing–you did notice that today’s date is the 23rd, didn’t you?  we are seriously behind on this whole “celebration/holiday/giving thanks/hosanna/lamb of god mewling in the manger-thing”.

and i’ve been particularly reluctant to get going on it.  now mind you, it’s not that i don’t love all of my friends and what family is left (and of course, i do have all of m.’s extended family that i absolutely adore–if they’re reading this, anyway), but that sense of wonder of the season has just not arrived with little reindeer hooves on the roof of my soul this year.  for a moment yesterday, when i was being driven from work to the auto service place-a-ma-bob and was chatting with  armando, their go-fer, about christmas and his little two-and-a-half-year old daughter who loves the lights and has figured out what presents are hers under the tree already–to hear his voice soften with love as he told me about her joy was, well, it was joyful.  for the moment.

but back at home later that evening, even with the loving attention of our billy and joey and the sweet baritone of m. that sense of malaise (could it be ennui–the guilt of the downwardly mobile?) seemed to settle over me like the cold that i just cannot shake (3 damn weeks, enough already!)

however today dawned, as they do, the days that is, you know the sun came up, and after a night of serious contemplation and a look back at some christmases past and a lovely note from a friend this morning, well, i thought i should get over myself and wish you a merry christmas, which i will attempt to do in less words than you can shake a stick at and perhaps along the way i’ll manage to mix metaphors or over-indulge in hyperbole and other grammatical legerdemain that, like it or not, are a part of who i am (crown me with a non-sequitur of holly berries and mistletoe, which of course is not your traditional non-sequitur, but what did you expect in 2011 anyway?)

consequently and without further ado or not too much ‘do’, but maybe a bit more, it is the holidays after all and a little excess may be de rigueur when celebrating the birth of a son of a god–even zeus would agree, although by now zeus may be a bit of a stretch for you traditionalists–but regardless of whose god you may celebrate, the holiday is about love and friendship and i am prepared, yea, verily, i am ready to distribute my love and extend my hand in friendship to all who cross my path today, who may have done the same yesterday, and to those who may come tomorrow.  i love you.  i really do.

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