the embarrassment of a perfect day

there are days here on our hilltop, when all of the parts of a day (besides the obvious ones–sun, sea, sky) come together, even if it’s just for the briefest of moments, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be at the point where they all converge (this includes your humor, your physical being, your you) and you may stand there, mouth agape, fumbling with your camera (even if it’s just your eye and the film of your life running through the projector of your mind), wondering at your good fortune to have been there (without the ‘done that’).

there are days, for example, where those moments come closer together than one might feel are appropriate, like winning the lottery or an academy award (whatever seems the most unlikely for you) and they layer one upon the other, someone’s grandiose idea of a cake (i like cake) with butter cream frosting and strawberries (please feel free to substitute your favorite flavors–it could also be a cake filled with pleasant sensations; the touch of your lover, a smile from a stranger, a door being held open for you, a thank you–god knows those are in short supply these days), wherever they come from, however you build it, it’s there just for you.   you may even find yourself blushing from the excess.   <insert your favorite approving platitude here.>


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