walk and talk


on yesterday’s long walk with joey, i noticed that nature consistently ignored man’s warnings.  thumbing its nose at, turning its back on, basically flipping man the proverbial bird (a bird may have done a flip, idk.)  no matter where i looked nature was doing the opposite of man.  where man was all yellow and black sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong, nature was deep blue and wispy clouds in complete counterpoint to man’s prevailing nonsense (at this juncture, it’s fairly obvious that a street dead ends into another street, making the sign a redundancy, is what nature appeared to be saying–if you were paying attention, and i know how hard that can be, you know, paying attention to the obvious.)

many years ago, a friend of mine whose opinion i valued (and likewise, i believe) would call me up and say, “let’s go for a walk and talk.”  so ‘walk and talk’ became shorthand for sorting out life’s mysteries, stupidities and complications.   i recommend it (even if your companion has four legs.)


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