wednesday (a flower a day)

in some quarters, wednesday is noted for its display of self-portraits.  gratuitous though they may be (irony being what it is these days), it is a day when people who share their lives (some more, some less, but regardless, whatever they decide to show the world reveals bits & pieces — reece’s–that when taken as a whole tells you–if you’re paying attention–a lot about who they are, who they aspire to be, were they’re going and where they’ve been), flash a little of their reality to the world they’ve created for themselves.  it is a curtain opening that lights a corner or warms a back.  some people reveal only a foot, or a hand, or pull their hair over their faces (those with the means, others who want to hide their identity must resort to other subterfuge) and weeks can go by without this exposure, but i think it is very hard to resist the pull of saying “this is me.  acknowledge that this is who i am.”,  the person you are talking to–even if all you do is post pictures of 16th century italian painters or photographs of dadaists frolicking (they did frolic, you know) or even those damned cats (that is jealousy talking, i am constantly amazed at how willing the cats are to expose themselves to strangers, how facile they are at posing…and remaining still for the interminable adjustments one must make for light, photo quality, macro, infinity), so damned, probably not, so let’s scratch that and say  instead that there are a lot of pictures of cats too and yet, doesn’t all of that, all that these people share with strangers — although you don’t feel like they are strangers, and from what i understand, some are actually friends irl — build a gratuitous picture of themselves without ever posting a photo snapped with their phone camera, or other digital device turned toward their smiling/serious/goofy faces?  (rhetorical questions are cheap ways of ending a paragraph or a thought.  a better ending would be one where all of what i’ve said would be distilled into one final comment on gratuitous pictures of yourselves, but what would be the point in that?)


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