the effects of moonlight on a good night’s sleep

it must have slipped into my bloodstream.

as long as it was there, it decided to throw a party.  white blood cells and red blood cells threw caution to the ____.  (they put on their party hats and tooted their little — microscopic — party horns, the thwack of the paper tube unrolling and snapping back into place made my left leg jump and dance, st. vitus come for a visit.)

offended by the noise, tossing and turning, just about to fall asleep and then jarred back to wakefulness, i had no recourse but to get up and pee (like i wouldn’t have anyway–btw, did i tell you the santa ana winds are blowing and its 85 degrees at the coast at midnight and all of our fans are humming and thrumming and twisting back and forth in a vain attempt at keeping the house at 84 degrees–the dogs wheezing and wakeful and the moon as big as a quarter held between your fingers at arm’s length.  i didn’t?  shame on me.)

what could i do but turn on the camera and snap a few photos (like a dry twig between my fingers), but not of the moon, but of the effect of the moon on a good night’s sleep.

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