the rose and the grasshopper (notes on procrastination)

is it not amazing (well, at least to me, but possibly not as amazing as i’m letting on, perhaps i should start over); it always fascinates me how easily distracted i can be in the name of ________.  the garden needed watering and although we have a sprinkler system for most of it, there are an awful lot of pots and window boxes that just need to be hand-watered.

but this grasshopper got in the way.  you don’t often see grasshoppers this close to the coast, but when you do, they are always brilliant chartreuse and huge (they are huge compared to the grasshoppers i remember from my youth in south dakota, where, in the summer, you couldn’t spit without hitting one–we, the neighbor kids and i, used to catch them and put them in pickle jars–pickle jars being more abundant back then as opposed to other kinds of jars–it’s possible that our mothers held onto  empty pickle jars to use to store grease from cooking bacon or, if i remember correctly, from their use of crisco for so many different dishes, what those dishes were i cannot tell you, although i do remember, now that we’re talking about cooking — were we? — that my mother loved spinach cooked in vinegar and try as she might she could never get me to like it.  do you wonder why?  it’s not that i didn’t like spinach, creamed was okay if it was necessary, but cooked with vinegar?  are you kidding?)

other things got in my way today and kept me from completing the list of tasks i had assigned to this particular sunday.  unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon your particular take on the things that can derail even the most committed of workaholics — although i do not consider myself a ‘workaholic’–i’ve always subscribed to getting what you can get done in your 40 hours, except when it’s necessary to work longer, then you do.  it appears then that these distractions today kept me from nothing important as much as i might have thought they were) — and now i can’t remember what was deemed ‘unfortunately’.  <sigh>

today then.  it was what it was meant to be, i just had no idea that it would be as perfect as it was and sometimes, when your plans are derailed by beauty regardless of where you may encounter it, you just have to give into it–whatever it is.  in this case, today’s for instance, it would be the perfection of the day and how it unfolded from this morning’s dog walk to the farmer’s market (btw, i cut my hair — both of them — today), to a luscious little laydown just after lunch, a cool breeze flowing up the canyon from the ocean on which my dreams floated– i dreamt of you and you–and a little after that, watering the garden, the surprise visit from the grasshopper and these random thoughts on not getting done what i had so thoughtfully, so carefully, and as it turned out, so unconvincingly, planned.  c’est la guerre, n’est-ce pas? (gratuitous use of french your bonus–not that you were expecting one, a bonus that is, but nonetheless, i have the skill and i should use it as i see fit, hmm?)


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